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Local Artists

StandOut Puzzles StandOut Puzzles StandOut Puzzles

By Picture Perfect

On 05, Aug 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

StandOut Puzzles

StandOut Puzzles is a local publisher of high quality 750 piece perfect jigsaw puzzles for grownups. They are based in West Kelowna, British Columbia and feature bold, compelling, artwork from Canadian artists – including Alex Fong, Amy Frank, Katerina Mertikas and Sandra Silberzweig.
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Belgium Carpets Belgium Carpets Belgium Carpets

By Picture Perfect

On 03, Aug 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Belgium Carpets

The carpets are imported from Belgium, where they are manufactured, and come in a wide variety of styles and colours, as well as sizes. Many are machine washable and hang dry, and there is also a line of outdoor carpets. From small floor mats, to larger area rugs and long hallway runners, as well as circular designs… there is a wide variety to choose from.
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