Kathy Meaney

Having been inspired by memories and laughter, my “Ladies” came to me by accident as I took some ideas from my own sentimental journey. The facelessness was intended to be drawn in at a later time, but as the ladies emerged, I drew on body language to tell a picture narrative.

I am a people watcher who observes body language; however through course of conversation, I am often inspired from plays on words, hence leading to lots of giggles and laughter. Women relate to other women in their own way. Their bonds and mutual knowingness is expressed in their body language and this is why I paint mainly women. They celebrate and treasure their friendships in the safety net of each other. Sometimes they share, laugh and cry all at the same time. With this, I intend on luring the viewer into my paintings as they can often identify to the humor and antics of my ladies.

My ladies are rotund and voluptuous. I enjoy painting the curvaceous lines and shading. As society dictates we must be a certain proportion, I say and paint that we do not. Women need to accept who they are as they are and often, I am thanked just for that.

The ladies are intended to be whimsical, but real. I make sure the viewer can delight on their own personal journey as they study, analyze and identify with each picture, often bringing some pleasure to their heart.

My paintings are all acrylic on canvas and often I work on two or three at a time. I love how my art has made a connection with people in a positive way and as long as it does, I will continue to be inspired by them!

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