Kim Freeman

Kim grew up in southern Alberta where her home was filled with art and music. Her father Richard Freeman made a very good living as a western Canadian artist so her exposure to the art industry has been lifelong.

She received her degree from the University of Calgary in 1987 and moved to the Okanagan Valley where she managed her family art galleries. Time for painting on a regular basis came with retirement in 2017 and the purchase of a home with a perfect studio space.

“The paintings I am producing now come from exploring and connecting with my new home of Nelson, BC and the surrounding Kootenay area. The references are varied; landscape, figurative and architectural that become vehicles to express an interplay of idea and actuality My goal is for the work to have intrigue with sumptuous colour and hints of the recognizable through space, object or symbol that will communicate experience of the locale and perhaps produce some connections for the viewer.”

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