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Local Artists

Local Artist: Julia Hargreaves Local Artist: Julia Hargreaves Local Artist: Julia Hargreaves

By Picture Perfect

On 24, Sep 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Local Artist: Julia Hargreaves

“If there is a message in my work, it’s conservation first and last. It devastates me to see how so many people don’t make the connection between wasteful habits and protecting the environment. This planet is our home, we all live in it and conservation is essential, not just for other animals but for our own survival too, every one of us. It’s just that fundamental.”

Chosen for the 2009 and 2010 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum, Birds in Art, and two times Canadian Ducks Unlimited National Art Portfolio winner, British Columbia artist Julia Hargreaves trained in England and graduated with a Masters degree in art from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Her art has been published internationally and in 2004 Julia was chosen out of thousands of artists worldwide to appear in the International Artist publication “How Did You Paint That? – 100 Ways to Paint Still Life and Florals, 2004.

Julia illustrated ‘Birdscapes—a Pop-Up Celebration of Bird Song,’ with text by Cornell University, published by Chronicle in Oct 2008. Her painting of a Great Horned Owl was selected for the first Artists for Conservation exhibition at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in New York Sept 2008.

Featured Artwork:

'Fall Guy'‘Fall Guy’
'June Peonies'‘June Peonies’
'Twilight Great Horned Owl'‘Twilight Great Horned Owl’
'Leap Of Faith'‘Leap Of Faith’
'May Blossom And Chickadee'‘May Blossom And Chickadee’
'Don't Look Down'‘Don’t Look Down’
'Early Morning Wren'‘Early Morning Wren’
'Noble Alpha Male'‘Noble Alpha Male’
'Orchard Finch Embellished'‘Orchard Finch Embellished’
'Sunflowers & Chickadee'‘Sunflowers & Chickadee’
'Vineyard Buddies'‘Vineyard Buddies’
'Afternoon In May'‘Afternoon In May’
'Lupa (She Wolf)'‘Lupa (She Wolf)’
'White-Crowned Sparrows And Dogwood'‘White-Crowned Sparrows And Dogwood’
'Bird Bath'‘Bird Bath’

Looking for More Artwork by Julie Hargreaves?

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