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Local Artists

Local Artist: Natasha Perks Local Artist: Natasha Perks Local Artist: Natasha Perks

By Picture Perfect

On 09, Sep 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Local Artist: Natasha Perks

The incredibly diverse landscape and ever-changing sea of British Columbia has inspired Natasha to paint. The ruggedness of the mountains and the turbulence of the ocean are complemented with her series of wineries that create a sense of serenity. Using acrylic and oil, Natasha has been able to create a feeling of depth that makes the onlooker want to enter the picture. With limitless inspiration rendering a scene with tone and definition has become, for Natasha, a lifetime pursuit.

Natasha started this journey as a child and was mainly self-taught. She was influenced early in life by the arts with her opera-singing father and concert piano-playing mother. Music and art were a high priority growing up which made it easy to follow her passion. In her late teens, she studied under Catherine Moffat, experimenting with different mediums.

Natasha has been successful in having one woman shows and her work is collected in Canada and Internationally.

Featured Artwork:

'Afternoon Tranquility'‘Afternoon Tranquility’
'New Beginnings'‘New Beginnings’
'New Vines'‘New Vines’
'A Good Crop'‘A Good Crop’

'Endless Summer'‘Endless Summer’
'Honoured Tradition'‘Honoured Tradition’
'Mid Summer'‘Mid Summer’
'Terrace Serenity'‘Terrace Serenity’
'Watering Hole'‘Watering Hole’
'Afternoon Shade'‘Afternoon Shade’
'Evening Shadows'‘Evening Shadows’
'Following The River'‘Following The River’
'Knobby Knees'‘Knobby Knees’
'Rest Bit'‘Rest Bit’
'Corner View'‘Corner View’
'Purple Summer'‘Purple Summer’
'Roses And Wine'‘Roses And Wine’

'Shadow Connection'‘Shadow Connection’

Looking for More Artwork by Natasha Perks?

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