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Local Artists

Local Artist: Mona Weinstein Local Artist: Mona Weinstein

By Picture Perfect

On 11, Sep 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Local Artist: Mona Weinstein

Mona was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan in 1956. She was just a young girl when her and her family moved to Kelowna, BC. It’s here that she still resides, in the nearby community of Lake Country.

Mona started her artistic career in high school, where she won many awards for her talent.
Later, she worked as a commercial sign designer. She excelled in this field of work, mostly at the creative and artistic side. In fact, she became recognized in this field as one of the first females in Western Canada, and received her journeyman papers for this trade. She then, for health reasons, left this line of work to pursue her Fine Arts career, and has been painting ever since.

Mona’s paintings have been said to have a unique and innocent flavor to them. This is what people recognize, and it’s what makes her work more popular each day, which has attracted a host of national and international clients. Mona has recently expanded her artistic impressions to include works in oils and acrylics.

Featured Artwork:

'Pink Polka Dot Shorts'‘Pink Polka Dot Shorts’
'Precious Friends'‘Precious Friends’

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