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Local Artists

Local Artist: Lizann Allan Local Artist: Lizann Allan Local Artist: Lizann Allan

By Picture Perfect

On 19, Sep 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Local Artist: Lizann Allan

Lizann was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has always enjoyed travel and exploring new places. Lizann loves the outdoors and likes to record what she sees in order to share it with others.

Taking Fine Arts courses at University and teaching art at the elementary school level satisfied some of her artistic interests, but after moving to Kelowna and becoming a part of the exciting art community in the Okanagan, Lizann found more time to paint and explore various mediums. She enjoys watercolour and mixed media techniques, although she prefers the versatility and vibrancy of acrylic paints and the use of bright colours to illustrate the beauty of the Okanagan surroundings.

In the pursuit of learning new techniques and growing an an artist, Lizann has participated in workshops with various different local artists and finds inspiration in her love of travel and photography. She is a member of the Painters Studio Group at the Rotary Centre For The Arts and has displayed her work in various locations in and around Kelowna, including the annual Lake Country Artwalk.

Featured Artwork:

'Naramata Benches'‘Naramata Benches’
'Okanagan Bliss'‘Okanagan Bliss’
'Shades Of Spring'‘Shades Of Spring’
'Spring Tulips'‘Spring Tulips’
'A Walk In The Woods'‘A Walk In The Woods’
'Luberon Light'‘Luberon Light’
'Provence Poppies'‘Provence Poppies’
'Thomsons Barn'‘Thomsons Barn’
'Thomsons Pool'‘Thomsons Pool’
'Autumn Glow'‘Autumn Glow’
'Lakeview Vineyards'‘Lakeview Vineyards’
'Red October'‘Red October’
'The Red Bridge'‘The Red Bridge’
'Tuscan Vineyards'‘Tuscan Vineyards’
'Okanagan Glow'‘Okanagan Glow’
'Okanagan Spring Colours'‘Okanagan Spring Colours’
'Mission Marshes'‘Mission Marshes’
'Harvest Time'‘Harvest Time’
'Okanagan Evening Glow'‘Okanagan Evening Glow’

Looking for More Artwork by Lizann Allan?

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