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Local Artists

Local Artist: Larry Hunter Local Artist: Larry Hunter Local Artist: Larry Hunter

By Picture Perfect

On 20, Sep 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Local Artist: Larry Hunter

“I am a child of the 1950’s and 60’s, born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia where I ( briefly ) attended the Vancouver School of Art.”

“I am a self-taught freelance artist, illustrator, designer and muralist. In my next life I think I’ll try being an architect. In fact architectural renderings are one of my passions. The same can be said for all things Mid-Century, be it homes, automobiles, industrial design, fashion, art, you name it, that is one of the most iconic eras in western culture. An era of unbridled optimism, conflict and style that spanned thirty years. Much of my work reflects design cues from that time. I like to work a little mid-century into everything I do.”

Featured Artwork:

'Yellow Hat'‘Yellow Hat’
'Okanagan Monday'‘Okanagan Monday’
'My Okanagan Day'‘My Okanagan Day’
'Red Roof'‘Red Roof’
'Okanagan Beach'‘Okanagan Beach’
'After The Rain'‘After The Rain’

'No Worries'‘No Worries’
'OK Lake - Ponderosas'‘OK Lake – Ponderosas’
'Okanagan Holiday'‘Okanagan Holiday’
'Red Roof'‘Red Roof’
'Skaha Beach'‘Skaha Beach’
'Sun On The Sage'‘Sun On The Sage’

'Sunrise On The Bench'‘Sunrise On The Bench’

Looking for More Artwork by Larry Hunter?

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