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Eyes On Walls: Lora Zombie Eyes On Walls: Lora Zombie Eyes On Walls: Lora Zombie

By Picture Perfect

On 01, Oct 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Eyes On Walls: Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie is a self-taught painter from Russia and a top seller on the urban art scene. With a unique commentary on pop culture and keen eye for beauty, her raw and grungy trademark style is unmistakable. Only in her early twenties, Lora has already gained a massive following of fans across the globe and held major exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and St. Petersburg.

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'Burning Man'‘Burning Man’
'Blow Wind Blow'‘Blow Wind Blow’
'Rain Dogs'‘Rain Dogs’
'Parachute Cat'‘Parachute Cat’
'Blue Girl'‘Blue Girl’
'Mr Tiger'‘Mr Tiger’
'Birds Birds Birds'‘Birds Birds Birds’

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