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Local Artists

Local Artist: Anita Skinner Local Artist: Anita Skinner Local Artist: Anita Skinner

By Picture Perfect

On 10, Oct 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Local Artist: Anita Skinner

Anita has always loved art and has taken many painting and drawing courses over the years. In university she took some painting classes along with two years of art history which gave her insight into techniques etc. Anita prefers acrylics, and loves to use bright colours to enhance her whimsical style of painting. She likes to capture the Okanagan landscape using her own unique interpretation of the natural environment.

Many of Anita Skinner’s paintings include children playing in the snow or picking apples in the Okanagan sunshine. Anita has exhibited her work in a number of juried shows in the Okanagan, where she has lived for the past 20 years. She continues taking workshops to enhance her skills, and is an active member of the Federation of Canadian artists.

Featured Artwork:

'Beach Day In The Okanagan'‘Beach Day In The Okanagan’
'End Of The Fence'‘End Of The Fence’
'Gone Fishing'‘Gone Fishing’
'Morning Coffee'‘Morning Coffee’
'Pathway To The Beach'‘Pathway To The Beach’
'Perfect Day'‘Perfect Day’
'Bear Beginners'‘Bear Beginners’
'Future Hockey Stars'‘Future Hockey Stars’
'Great Score'‘Great Score’
'Sunset Run'‘Sunset Run’
'Tale Of Two Quilts'‘Tale Of Two Quilts’
'Great Okanagan Grape Haul'‘Great Okanagan Grape Haul’
'Just Around The Corner'‘Just Around The Corner’
'Benvoulin Church'‘Benvoulin Church’
'Bernard & Pandosy'‘Bernard & Pandosy’
'Dog Day Afternoon'‘Dog Day Afternoon’
'Okanagan Apple Haul'‘Okanagan Apple Haul’
'Red Tree In Hollow'‘Red Tree In Hollow’

'Tea In The Village'‘Tea In The Village’

Looking for More Artwork by Anita Skinner?

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