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Local Artists

Local Artist: Glenda MacQuarrie Local Artist: Glenda MacQuarrie Local Artist: Glenda MacQuarrie

By Picture Perfect

On 30, Sep 2013 | In | By Picture Perfect

Local Artist: Glenda MacQuarrie

Traveling the world, artist Glenda MacQuarrie has embraced a variety of cultures and environments. These experiences are reflected in the subject matter and colours of Glenda’s paintings. Earlier works of art included watercolour paintings, pastels, and pottery. However, more recent paintings reflect an understanding of oil paint using “negative” painting techniques on purple or black canvas. The art is an exciting mixture of light and contrast combined with bold colours. Glenda’s educational background in applied design, a degree from Simon Fraser University and a teaching degree are part of her personal philosophy of continued lifelong learning.

Glenda and her family have lived in Kelowna twenty years. She is proud to be a local artist creating original artwork using local images as her inspiration.

Featured Artwork:

'Romance Of Wine'‘Romance Of Wine’
'True Bliss'‘True Bliss’
'Lakeside Vineyard'‘Lakeside Vineyard’

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